Hartz® Groomer’s Best® Fur Fetcher® is a one-of-a-kind de-shedding tool! The Hartz® Groomer’s Best® Fur Fetcher® is a revolutionary de-shedding tool that removes 3x more fur than brushing, without the use of harsh metal blades.

This innovative design features unique microcombs which are highly effective at removing undercoat, yet gentle on your pet’s skin and delicate top coat. This tool will dramatically reduce shedding while leaving your pet’s coat healthy and shiny.

Fur Fetcher for Dogs

The Hartz® Groomer’s Best® Fur Fetcher® de-shedder tool for dogs boast a patented revolutionary design that removes 3 times more fur than brushing alone!
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Fur Fetcher for Cats

The Hartz® Groomer’s Best® Fur Fetcher® de-shedder tool for cats is the perfect solution for seasonal changes and the most extreme year round shedders

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Breed Charts

The Hartz® Groomer’s Best® Fur Fetcher® de-shedder tools for dogs and for cats can be used on a variety of breeds. See our breed charts to find your pet type.
Breed Chart for Dogs     Breed Chart for Cats


Why do I need the Fur Fetcher® de-shedding tool?

The Fur Fetcher® is different than other de-shedding tools. It is not made with harsh metal blades. When brushing your pet, it allows a smooth consistent stroke while removing 3 times more fur than brushing.

What type of dogs / cats does the Fur Fetcher® work on?
View dog and cat breed charts.

Will the Fur Fetcher® harm my pet?
The Fur Fetcher® tool contains fine, dense combs that gently and effectively remove large amounts of dead, loose undercoat. The Fur Fetcher does NOT use harsh metal blades.

How do I take care of my Fur Fetcher®?

It can be washed in warm, soapy water as needed.

How often should I use the Fur Fetcher®?The Fur Fetcher® can be used weekly or as necessary.

Are there any shampoos that work well with the Fur Fetcher®?
We recommend you use the Fur Fetcher® in combination with our Hartz® Groomer’s Best® Shampoo line. For more information on Hartz Groomer’s Best Shampoos, click here.

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